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Our Product Range

We, The Eimco-K.C.P Ltd., have been providing superior quality goods since the last 41 years with complete dedication and honesty. We are a well known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the following products:

  • Biological Waste Water Treatment Systems: Mechanical Bar Screen, Trickling Filter/Detritor, Coarse Bubble Diffuser, Anaerobic Digestion with Mixer, Low Speed, Floating Aerator, etc.
  • Liquid Solid Separation Equipments: Thickener, Clarifier, Drive Head, Clariflocculator, Reactor Clarifier, Grit Separator, Circular Floatation Clarifier, Dewaxing/Deoiling Filter, Precoat Filter, Continuous Vacuum Drum Filter, Extractor Horizontal Belt Filter, Agitator Disc Filter, Sodium Bicarbonate Filter, Cane Mud Filter, etc.
  • Recaustizing Systems: Caustizer, Lime Slaker, Green Liquor Clarifier, Dreg Mixer, Dregs Filter, White Liquor Clarifier, Lime Mud Washer, Lime Mud Filter, etc.
  • Milk of Lime Preparation Equipments: Slaker Classifier for Lime, Hydrocyclone, etc.
  • Pulp Washers: Brown Stock, Bleach Pulp Washer, etc.
  • Classifiers: Spiral Classifier, High Volume Classifier, etc.
  • Sludge Dewatering Equipments: Belt Press
  • High and Low Submergence Filters
  • Surface Aerators
  • Rotary Distributors
  • Disc Savealls
  • Drum Filters
  • Belt Filters
  • Flocculators.
We also provide packaged Waste Water Treatment Systems.

Excellent Quality

Quality is an important area of focus for us and we take all the steps to ensure the flow of only the best quality products to the market. We have a huge Quality Control Wing, which is managed by the General Manager of the company. Here, our expert engineers inspect the quality of the incoming raw materials as well as the final products, to ensure that they are as per the norms and standards set forth by international quality organizations.

We come up with quality solutions to the liquid-solid separation  problems of our clients and take a futuristic approach in our activities, while meeting the present needs for specialized equipments. Our engineers work tirelessly to develop faster and effective processes in order to provide higher quality goods, at best prices for our valued customers.

Various outside testing facilities are utilized by the company to ensure the quality of its materials. Some of these facilities include the Testing & Analytical Lab of the Government of Tamil Nadu, Industrial Testing and Analytical Laboratories and a few others. 

Robust Infrastructure

At The Eimco-K.C.P Ltd., we have a team of mechanical designers who are responsible for designing and innovating products ensuring total customer customer satisfaction. Our workers are well trained and we give them adequate platform to improve their knowledge and also look into their overall well being.

Our engineers have excellent expertise over the field of waste water treatment for various processing purposes. Our machines and process applications are used for primary and secondary treatment of water and for reuse and reclamation of water. We have our own manufacturing facility at Chennai, which is equipped with the latest machinery and technology to fabricate high technology products, without any compromise on quality.

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